Why does this matter and why should I care?

This site meets and exceeds all current accessibility rules set by the regulating authority for websites. This means that everything that we have laid out on this site is presented in the most user friendly and accessible way possible. This website is fast to load and has minimal issues with browser and operating system support.

What browser should I use when viewing this site?

The way we have built this website (incorporating CSS) means that you can view it in practically any of the hundreds of browsers out there, whether you're using a PC or a Mac. Personally, we like to use Safari on a Mac or Firefox on a PC.

What is CSS?

CSS enables an HTML document to be stripped down to its minimal parts with little or no waste. The best thing about CSS is that it makes time consuming and fiddly plug ins a thing of the past - no more having to visit sites on the Net to download the latest version. It also means that pages within a website will be far quicker to load.