Dissolve cellulite-causing bands and tighten the skin

Research has been conducted which has shown that medications injected by these very specific techniques using extremely short needles remain in the tissue for much longer periods of time and travel down into the deeper tissues as opposed to intravenous or intramuscular administrations, which are cleared away within an hour. Mesotherapy is hugely popular around the world.
Mesotherapy is a method used to treat stubborn areas of fat known as cellulite. Cellulite is the result of an accumulation of subcutaneous fat and fluids in the connective tissue network in the mesoderm layer . There are various reasons why individuals get cellulite: poor circulation, heredity, hormonal factors, lifestyle, diet and sedentary jobs. Mesotherapy targets the specific problem by improving the blood flow and loosening the hardened connective tissue. The medications that are used in the procedure melt the fat, dissolving cellulite-causing bands and tighten the skin. This virtually pain-free process produces visible results after the 3rd or 4th session and the treatments are long lasting.
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